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Americans believe HPV vaccine doubles promiscuity

Posted by hannahflynn on December 29, 2008

The majority of American adults fear the HPV vaccine will double adolescent sexual activity.

This fear may lead them to be less willing to seek out the HPV vaccine for their daughters according to a team based at Yale, this week.

Researchers at Yale School of Public Health also found the cost of the vaccine would have to be significantly reduced to increase public uptake of the vaccine, after applying ‘game theory’ to a number of factors that may discourage people from taking part in a vaccination programme.

Here in the UK fears of the vaccine promoting promiscuity have not been as wide-spread, Cancer Research UK found 75 percent of mothers were in favour of vaccinating their daughters. Still, lets not forget St Monica’s Roman Catholic High School in Bury, which refuses to let its pupils receive the HPV vaccine on its premises. (The Nursing Times paper on it is here).

There are calls for the HPV vaccine to be mandated however, as the optimum age for vaccination is between 11 and 13 years, while children are still under parental control.

The Lancet reported in 2005 that “Parental consent ought to be waived for HPV vaccination as it is for other sexually transmitted infection-related health care.”

In a country where the children under the age of 16 have been able to obtain birth control as well as STI prevention without parental consent for some time now, we must ask: why should the HPV vaccine be any different?


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