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What Rachida Dati is risking, five days after giving birth

Posted by hannahflynn on January 9, 2009

Feminists in France are asking if Rachida Dati is a supermum or a disgrace to the feminist cause for returning to work just five days after a caesarean section with her first baby, Zohra.

The French press have been buzzing with speculation over who the father of her child is, but only one thing is certain: Dati was risking her health.

1) It takes time for feeding breastfeeding patterns to be established and five days is not long enough. If the Justice Minister wanted to breastfeed her child then she would need to have it brought to the office to be fed as she would be unable to express milk so soon after the birth. Women are now discharged 2-3 days after a CS as opposed to the tradional 5-6, but this is as many women find it easier to breastfeed at home, which is harder after a CS.

2) Infection is a serious risk to anyone who has undergone abdominal surgery, let alone been exhaused by hours of labour. You are twice as likely to get seriously ill or die after a CS and to put it bluntly, I doubt that tight suit on her sutures is going to do much good.

3) Post-partum blood loss which will still be pretty heavy after 5 days can cause you to collapse. The average loss for a CS is one litre. While most hemorrhage occurs immediately after birth it can occur up to one week post-partum.

4) Women who have undergone a CS are advised to not pick up anything heavier than their baby or do any exercise for the first six weeks. To do otherwise is to risk re-opening the wound.

5) Dati is 43. Being over 35 puts you at greater risk for venous thromboembolic disease, as does CS delivery. This is one of the major causes of post-partum mortality today, and though it is rare there are a number of prophylactic measures that can be taken including the wearing of support stockings. But on Dati? I don’t think so.


2 Responses to “What Rachida Dati is risking, five days after giving birth”

  1. farncombe said

    Great post, H. Didn’t read any of this in any of the coverage, did you?

  2. hannahflynn said

    Thanks, no I didn’t see to much of this in the coverage, just shock and horror and maybe a bit of awe!

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