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Scientific Integrity Memorandum

Posted by hannahflynn on March 11, 2009

President Barack Obama signed a Scientific Integrity Memorandum on the same day he overturned US policy blocking human embryological stem cell research. You can read the official text here at Seed Magazine.

Otherwise, check out my latest experiment with Wordle.com:

Wordle: Scientific Integrity Memorandum

And the text of remarks of President Barack Obama. You can read the official text on Seed Magazine too:

Wordle: Text of remarks of Barack Obama


3 Responses to “Scientific Integrity Memorandum”

  1. wow. great posts. by the way from where do you get such nice ideas and contents. I love the way you post.

    • hannahflynn said

      Thanks Mahaneesh,
      I guess I try to think of new ways to tell the stories in the news. I’m glad you like it. Really like your blog too!

      Do send me links to anything you find that may be of interest!

      Hannah x

  2. […] 9 March- Allows federal funds to be used for embryonic stem cell research. He also declares all federal scientific research will be walled off from political influences. See his speeches as represented by Wordle.com here. […]

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