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3 reasons to be happy this week

Posted by hannahflynn on April 17, 2009

While Americans are starting to get an Obamover, there are several reasons to be glad to be a woman in the UK this week:

1) Pregnancy advisory ad rules to be relaxed

In blunt terms this means condom adverts before the watershed so our very pregnant, clapped up teenage population can see them as well as their menopausal parents (who all have chlamydia too, though teen rates were put forward as an incentive for the changes, tsk). Plus abortion advice helplines may soon advertise on TV and radio.

2) Sir David Attenborough is now patron of the Optimum Population Trust

The man who has come to represent all that is rational to a scientifically illiterate public is using his power to question the environmental lobby’s avoidance of the population problem. And in the same week the Archbishop of Canterbury has said limiting fertility for the good of the environment is common sense. Lets just hope these two men don’t think it is merely a woman’s role though…

3) The BBC are starting to get peer-review research

Last night BBC 2 put out one of their best documentaries in ages in the form of Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic. It showed the placebo effect made 77 percent of their group (17 overweight women, which was reasonable for a TV demo if you ask me) lose weight, then explained the role of this in double-blind trials and then had a little cartoon explaining how to look out for these in peer-reviewed journals. She was according to The Independent, “the sensible man’s anti-Gillian McKeith, thwacking down loony dieting habits and faux expertise like flies.”


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