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Nanotechnology cure for STIs

Posted by hannahflynn on May 10, 2009

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) could be treated with new nanotechology which uses DNA similar to the pathogen’s DNA, to silence its effects.

RNAi, interferes (that’s what the ‘i’ is for) with the pathogen’s DNA and ‘sticks’ to it, thus inactivating it. Recent developments in nanotechnology have shown this can be used to treat STIs.

Researchers at Yale created nanoparticles made out of a biodegradable polymer, and used these as a ‘time-release’ vehicle for the RNA which was designed to target a gene found in the mouse reproductive tract.

These particles loaded with the drug agent, were found to have been distributed to the mucosal membranes in the vagina, cervical and uterine regions. These particles could be detected 14 days after administration.

The study will be published in this month’s Nature Materials.

Citation: Nature Materials, advance online publication May 4, 2009.


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