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Air brushed lad’s mags images

Posted by hannahflynn on May 13, 2009

A colleague of mine tweeted these images yesterday, 1 and 2. They are marked up images for a men’s magazine.

I realise they are slightly blurry so here is what I can make out the first one says, moving clockwise from the head: remove shadow, remove eye bags, remove (points at arm pit ‘fat’), smooth line, remove (outer part of arm), smooth veins and lines, smooth (outer leg), blend (on both thighs), remove (pointing to a spot on hand) and smooth (on the arms).

The other one all I can work out is ‘smooth skin’.

However, obviously the most striking part of these pictures is the sheer area of the pictures which is marked for touching up. Also the fact that these are already high quality pictures of slender women with, to my eyes, no ‘flaws’.  If I hadn’t known better I would have assumed these pictures were ready to go.  That is obviously the difference between myself and a picture editor.

Can anyone else decipher what is written on the girls?

Any thoughts on this process?


I have received confirmation from the person who took the photographs that on the first photgraph there is an instruction to “reduce make up” and the second photograph has an instruction to “clean neck”.

More to the point I have heard from a graphic designer that these changes are standard, not just in men’s magazines but accross the board. He also made the point that these photographs are of professional models, much  more needs to be done when ‘normal’ women are in the magazine.


One Response to “Air brushed lad’s mags images”

  1. Jane McConnell said

    “Smooth Hairs” on the arms of picture 1, and there’s a really weird instruction which I think wants to remove part of her hand?!?

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