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World Contraception Day

Posted by hannahflynn on September 23, 2009

Ahead of World Contraception Day this Saturday 26 September, a number of studies have come out to hammer home the safe sex message.

Lloyds Pharmacy’s latest research shows the average British adult has indirectly had sex with 2,881,024 people. This shocking statistic is based on the average British adult having sex with 7.65 people in their life time.

 “When we have sex with someone, we are, in effect, not only sleeping with them, but also their previous partners and so on,” Clare Kerr, head of sexual health for the chemist chain,  as reported in the Metro today.

 You can calculate your own figure using the tool on their website.  This will base your answer on your age, your number of sexual partners and the age that they were.

 In a similar vein, the Australian publication, Pharmacy News reported an alarming number of women are ignorant of the potential threat to their health and the risk of pregnancy which can result from unprotected sex.

 The research was commissioned by Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia (SHFPA) and Bayer Schering and they found two out of three adult women admitted to having unprotected sex.

SHFPA’s Dr Christine Read said, “It’s worrying that young women continue to engage in unprotected sex, but it is equally concerning that many women don’t have basic knowledge of their menstrual cycle. For example, many women don’t realise they can get pregnant even if they have unprotected sex outside the time they’re ovulating.”

Dr Read went on to say that women taking hormonal contraceptive pills should be given more information about how to take them properly.

Today Conceptus, a company engaged in women’s health care recognised World Contraception Day. This year’s motto is “Your life, your voice: Talk Contraception.” One of the main focuses is encouraging more women to consider permanent forms of birth control.


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